How to naturally get rid of ants in Deerfield, Illinois

1: Get Diatomaceous Earth, food-grade only. The heated one, filtered-grade, used for filtration…you don’t need that for insects. Remember, food-grade, as it doesn’t get more natural than Diatomaceous Earth or more safe than food-grade.


2: Apply around the house in a manner that guarantees equal placement of product. Think about it…insects will be closer to it and size-wise won’t help either if what they see is a “mountain” of DE…they will go around it guaranteed, even if Diatomaceous Earth is not a repellant. You want the product laid down in such a manner nobody is the wiser…and insects are not dumb 🙂


3: Apply in a state that guarantees it will be there even on windy days.


4: Apply in areas that guarantee it will be there after rain.


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