Give us your mice, Deerfield!

Red Raspberries Pest Solutions is collecting mice from residents of Deerfield, Illinois. If you have any…let us know, we’ll stop by and get them all, wherever they are, behind walls, under the stove or the fridge in the kitchen, in the basements, deeper in the crawlspaces, in the home and garage attics, wherever the mice are, we will get them all!

Don’t eliminate mice with baits, rodenticides, poisons etc because it is toxic and thus dangerous to kids and pets and mice might die behind walls and it will smell for weeks. Also, do not use traps as it is inhumane and the most-disgusting thing to see when dealing with the trap and besides, one trap per one mouse…so it is inefficient. Use Red Raspberries Pest Solutions mice-collection protocol.

48 hrs, max, no mice. We show up, we gather all the mice in our container, we leave-no mice left, dear or alive. The most efficient mice elimination method-safe, fast, healthy, affordable, non-disturbing available to Deerfield, Illinois is our “mice collection protocol.” Call our competitors and see, they won’t promise mice elimination for “at least 7 business days” and to add insult to injury they charge about double of what we charge, for the privilege of tossing poison in your home or using horrendous traps…

If you live in Deerfield, Il. have mice and don’t want any…call us and we will gladly collect them all for only $100. You will get a mice-free home within 2 days and 30 days warranty on the job plus priceless pest control-related advise. The best pest control offer you came across in a long time…so introduce us to your mice today.